Pride won’t let us; the game will never die.

Pride won’t let us; the game will never die.


THE COMMON RESPONSE; is “this is all your fault/ you should have done more/ I hate you, for not doing enough”. But we both know that is not true; and is merely an excuse to transfer your fears to me; as I am not going to attack you back. Consequently you failed life and earth and the future: without any assistance from me.

The common response is: that I am a failure, fool, religious nutcase, enemy, liar, or whatever suits you to ridicule or hate or ignore me. Which then gives you the claim: I don’t have to do nothing/ everything is fine/ to hell with you [the predator response]. Or just run away to hide [the prey animal response].

The common response is: that I am against religion/ therefore the enemy of all that religion stands for; someone to be shunned, and regarded as the devil/ for not believing as the herd believes. But that is untrue, and as JESUS said in the Bible “those who love me, will love you; as I have sent you to them”. How few! Even though the world is in danger, in a thousand ways/ universities are mutilating life (your body, heart, soul, face, food, everything) yet you don’t care; because as a cult worshiper, you are not allowed to question your “real gods”/ poisons everywhere/ a world dying from your disgrace. To your shame.

The common response is: that the claim of a spiritual woman inside proves mental insanity/ don’t need to know, no more than that. Yet Revelation 12 & 17 both predict this very thing; so Christian religion has no excuse/ and the rest, simply don’t care; an excuse is an excuse. WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ TO HELL with you.

The common response is: WE DON’T WANT TO CHANGE! Pride won’t let us; the game will never die. Yet the evidence proves it will; and everything you want; will become as sewage to your soul. Because you threw away a world of life, just, to play that game.

The common response is: happiness is the result of winning; all the toys and trophies and trinkets that prove you are the superior one; and they all should have realized that, “and listened or looked to you” as their hero/ their god (the best, that can be). Yet you are not happy, even though you scream “winner”. Because the end result of that is making the others LOSER; and they only use you as a result: meaning no friends exist. No friends/ no love; no love/ no joy in life; alone.

The common response is: WE DON’T WANT, “to live nothing like you”! Where is your happiness or reward for living: we see who you are/ and we don’t want it. While that is consistent with reality, as is; my entire life (apart from high school; let me be like them, to see) has been dedicated to THIS WORLD IS GOING TO DIE, IF WE DON’T FIGHT BACK! So, I tried; but you were immersed in greed and selfishness; the games of getting MORE; and could not be dragged back to life, is more than this. So it became a lifetime, because not even fear; could make a difference/ YOU WANTED, WHAT YOU WANTED; and believed for most, the universities would get you there; one way or another.

As for me, I would have lived a very different life; had it been a choice. But you are you, and I am I; and this is the life I chose, apart from tinnitus; a reality which would never have occurred, apart from my nephew dying at 9 months of age, from a brain tumor. leading to excuses, rather than truth decides. Which for this work actually became a benefit in  the end; that produced the time needed (along with tragedy) for educating myself as is seen in my work. Not so extra smart as to simply understand/ endless work instead. Life chose, and people were pushed back/ work was not allowed, to be finished correctly; a long list: which kept me “being educated first”. “Life is not always clear, as to cause or consequences we must endure; or why”! Nonetheless; It was a lifetime of 98% education/ 2% survival in time; and when that became too much; people and groups were pushed out. While I don’t regard that as “intervention”/ just how it is; the reality does focus in the direction; GOD (in some form) participated here. More than that, I have no clue. As to happiness; life is a journey. Not to be confused with an entertainment. No happiness exists, in a dying world; that must be fixed of its primary threats/ so no, not much joy; although certainly some. Not much friendship; as the reality of that was pushed aside too. None walked with me; as is consistent with: if you can’t look beyond your eyes/ you cannot stay here; and so on. So, I spent my life on what you don’t want; because as is the constant scream: I WON’T CHANGE/ I WANT WHAT I WANT. The reality of toys, trophies, and trinkets to prove how superior you are, “wins”.

Life is life, my life could not live with me; had I chose less than “love dies too, with this world being lost forever”. So, I “fought” with you.

My apologies to all who were slighted along the way, feel they were let down, didn’t get what they wanted, and all the rest. This work came first, and the end result of that is, what it is. As to I should have done better; in many cases I tried/ but was turned back; as the consequence for that was even more time away from the education required to be learned. My life is simply “Just how it is”. No one would call it perfect/ but you aren’t perfect either: I chose to believe, this world could die at any time, and spent my lifetime accordingly. If you had listened, it could have been better; but life is life, and yours is “just how it is” as well.

So, my response is: either you live or die, as a world, taking your own children with you, because of you; WITHOUT MY CONSENT/ So, I tried to turn you back. But regardless of that, I did do my job. To respect life and world, as best I can, and did do for me; by the grace of GOD , and in fact the balance provided by “the spiritual woman inside”; I survived to this day. If you fail, we all lose/ none can win: life or death, by humans caused this. Worshiping universities as god, choosing endless greed instead of life or world or child. To your shame.

As a man, I choose not to care anymore; and that would end as a war with you for destroying this world.

COMPLETELY OVERRUN, no coming back: As “spiritual female” in charge of my life; there is no war to be fought/ only realities to be dealt with, as best I can. As love will allow, even though “men in particular” are killing this world/ I cannot stop them, more than to educate and describe the cost. There is no purpose in trying beyond that; they don’t listen, “animals are animals”. What will be, will simply be. no excuses allowed.

Your response is of course: THIS WORLD CANNOT DIE, “we forbid it/ as religion offers, GOD will forbid it” and yet, this entire world is filled with weapons of mass destruction; people trying to ignite a nuclear fire; people mutilating nature which is genetic structure/ poison by the trillion ton/ and so much more. The fossil record proves Noah’s flood; because nothing less we know of, can gather and bury all that life, without a flood. Cannot bury some of it thousands of feet deep, without that flood: and every fossil fuel fire you make, is the result of that evidence. YES, IT CAN ALL BE LOST. And nearly was!

While even women scream: WE AIN’T DOING NOTHING BUT THE SAME, as all other generations on earth! OVER POPULATION IS A MYTH, and we won’t accept it as true. While reality refuses that with 8 billion people; making just a one percent growth in more births than deaths: is 80 million more mouths to feed, per year. Or at a personal level: two twenty year old people have two children/ who in twenty years have two children/ who in twenty years have two children. And what was 2 people standing on this earth needing to be fed/ IS NOW, 8 people standing on this earth every 80 years.

WE EAT OTHER LIVING THINGS {because we need the complex biological chemicals they create for us}; EVERY LIVING THING, NEED SPACE, FOOD, WATER, ETC; so add it up; and understand HOW MUCH DAMAGE TO EVERYTHING, you have done; with apathy, arrogance, and pure disrespect for this world of life. One percent of an additional 80 million is PLUS: 800 thousand more next year.    one percent growth; literally means, one more child this year over deaths; per each and every one hundred people; worldwide.  “Could there be more”?

So you tell me: HOW MUCH MORE fire, heat, resource, pollution, war, reality is that? And humanity screams, “just like the extremely fat man”: I WANT WHAT I WANT, I hate the weight, but I won’t change me. Same for climate change/ same for everything; all screaming: I WANT WHAT I WANT, and I want MORE, TO PROVE, “I win”. To your shame.

You already stand on more than one person per acre of agricultural ground; and the rest of life needs to eat too. CHANGE or die. Unless you feed the ocean “with dead human bodies, prepared for that purpose”/ life there will die; leaving you as cannibals. You are tearing every living chain of life apart; just don’t care. Adding diseases to everything, and tearing down walls to make “pandemic everything” possible throughout all of nature. A failure at every turn: cursing life and earth. all “hail university as god” right? Pitiful fools, ignorant beyond belief.       CHANGE OR DIE;   LAST CHANCE! Because too late, is just plain too late to matter; the world has died/ proving you will be next, as HELL takes control.

reality  decides, by its own truth: not your want, pride, or claim of power.

The message of JESUS was, choose between “love or hate”/ because if you fail, this world goes to HELL (hate rules all). Humanity did not hurry to life, but finally arrived. Until universities came to steal that life away with evolution. Clung too; because humanity wants everything for free; no consequences for us.

The message of “the spiritual woman, predicted in Revelation (which is divided into two distinct parts)” in me is: choose between life or death/ because if you fail this world goes to EXTINCTION (discarded into the pit of human disgrace and disrespect); as all the evidence will prove true. I am just the vehicle chosen to deliver that message. But make no mistake: TIME IS ENDING, for this earth. CHOOSE QUICKLY, as there are no other choices to be made; because DEATH is coming soon. “without true, permanent change”. Like it or not; believe it or not: reality will prove that true.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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