RELATIONSHIP TESTS; “brain first” started as a relationship test site to determine what will or will not align between male and female in the search for happiness as is, “lets share this living in time”. It was later changed to return to the constant threat of what universities are doing/ as is a world that is dying, and nature being mutilated into extinction. Even so: the foundation of finding the proper person to complete your own life; begins with “brain first”/ not body first as is the constant. Or more distinctly, let us understand each other; and then proceed as we choose. This then outlines a basic business site that was never completed.

is the initial work of this site, because finding a way to balance human existence RELIES ENTIRELY upon fixing the problems between male and female. Because happy and at peace with life requires that we do understand the decisions that we make are not regulated by what we want/ but what is true. Therefore we must identify what can construct a valued relationship/ rather than to be toys, trinkets, or trophies to someone else. It is not “sexual”, to participate as equals. Equal requires respect; (you are cherished by me, as a miracle of life), Respect identifies who can and who cannot conceive of what is true. Sexy is not “skinny”/ it is healthy, disciplined, orderly, and balanced; with a body that proves I have value to you. Unfortunately; humanity both male and female “wants what they want”/ and unless you get past want, you cannot share the living of what is real, by caring as best you can. Therefore relationships are tested to understand: what is inside, of our future? Everything falls apart; when one decides, “what they want is more important; than your life, or its decisions to sustain you”. STOP the insanity; because if they want you as you are/ they won’t want you as redesigned by them; it is a game, without winners.

Caring is sharing the burdens of living and life with each other as equals; but not the same. To spend time is to honor each other with value. To find and remove the distance between us: is to remember love is the honor of hope, shaped to become the destiny we have chosen together. Accepting the work that is life and living, is very little compared with the value of loving you.